Rouge me!!!

Here there are the lipsticks I'm wearing the most waiting for summer time ( which in Italy seems very far away!).
Bright, strong, perfect with all the outfits, and all the make-up.
Take a look, leave suggestions
I just bought this; it is from the new line of colors by Shiseido. It's a very soft and bright pink, and it's fabolous because it's matte (Perfect Rouge glowing matte n.pk224-Shiseido)

This is from last year collection Diorifc by Dior ( I have been wearing this in many of the pictures on previous posts). It's number 014: If you are love red, go for this: beautiful, full-bodied, very elegant.

This is from the last year Lancome collection of Juicy pop colors, since the 80s are back; welcome gorgeous fuchsia! Anyway, it blends a bit on the lips, but I think summer it's also the time to dare a little bit ( Lancome, juicy pop, electric pink n.002)

I love Chanel, under all conditions and shapes: this is a fluid red, kind of transparent on the lips, so perfect for every day at every time. I also wear it on other lipsticks if I want to add some brightness and glowing (Chanel, lip gloss n.65)
Rouge coco, by Chanel. This is the new line of lipsticks. I say nothing more, go, get one, and you'll tell how confortable they are. This is n.4, cashmere. I thought it was not right for summer, but it is so bright and natural. I love this when I have very dark smoky eyes.

Orange, orange, orange! (Pupa, lush papaya...who chooses the name???n.485)

Another juicy tubes by Lancome. This is of this year collection. It's yellow, but on the lips it turns out very transparent and it enhances the natural color of your lips. It lasts for the whole day, so it's also good as a coat to protect other lipsticks ( Lancome, Tokio apple shibuia, n.103)

I add some pictures where I wear some of this lipsticks, just to give the idea how they look like.

(Shiseido pk224)

(Juicy pop Lancome, electric pink)

(Rouge coco, cashmere, 04)

Stay stylish

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Anusce@ciao-chow ha detto...

Love Love Love Rouge Me!
I am a fan of red lips and cannot wait to dazzle my summer!

montague ha detto...

bella! quanto mi piaciono i tuoi rossetti!

Makeup by Kim Porter ha detto...

I love the Juicy Pop by Lancome