Some fashion vocabulary

People always make fun of me, because when I speak about style and fashion I speak here there is the FASHION-ENGLISH VOCABULARY by Sara.

Baggy: baggy is used just referring to over-size trousers, with a comfortable cut and wide legs

Bloomers: baloon shaped shorts. In my opinion just for skinny legs.

Choker: a tight necklace. It can be very simple, with just one string, or something like this:

this is a gorgeous choker by Marni
(take a look at Marni's website because it's beautiful too)

Cut-Out: cuts and holes that show skin. It's not really my thing, I don't like it very much, because it's easy that they get volgar once worn

Hot pants: very very short shorts

Jumpsuit: one-piece overalls, it can be with long or short trousers. Perfect with high hills

Mary-Jane: decolleté, with straps and round tip. It can be from extra flat to extra high hills

Chanel, Chanel, Chanel

Laboutin. I say no more

See-Through: transparency games that make catch a glimpse of skin. In my opinion this is the chic and classy version of a cut-out (not all of them!).

Beautiful dress by Sonia Rykiel

Strapless: tops without straps.
I love wearing them during summer time: I have a huge collection. I love  wearing them with a colored bra, so that you see the straps of the bra and the top of a different color.

This is by Banana Repubblic and it is made out of silk

Wrap Dress: a dress that reminds of a night gown. Since it is tied up on the weist, it's perfect if have some extra weight, or your bottom isn't the skinniest. I have found a lot of them in vintage stores, like this one:

a white, broderie anglaise cotton made wrap dress: I wear it with very flat shoes and a big ribbon on my head, or a fresh flower on my wrist.
 Lovely for summer time.

Vocabulary part 1 is over. Stay tuned to know about part 2.
If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, I'm happy to read.
Stay fashion cultered
stay stylish!

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