Picking the outfit for castings is not easy: in five minutes you got to communicate something not just speaking aloud but also through your look. So every time I have a casting I got to figure out what character they are looking for and to try then to look pretty much alike someone I don't actually know.

This is the last look from the last casting I have done yesterday morning.
dress: Marni/jacket: Zara/shoes: Jfk/bag: Adidas

I have smoothed my hair, I have done my eyeliner makeup, I have had my coffee, and I went.
I forgot  to wear my mask and I was exactly how I am always. I missed out being the character I thought they were looking for and instead I have been myself. I don't know if I am going to be picked for this job but at least if this will happen I will be choosen for who I am.

Stay yourself
Stay natural
Stay Stylish!

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Raffaella ha detto...

In bocca al lupo, Sara!

fashion junkie ha detto...

Loving you outfit! Good luck on the casting! I haven't been on an audition for awhile now. Miss it. Have a lovely day.


we wear things ha detto...

very cute look!