My cat woke me up early this Sunday morning, and even though I could spend more time sleeping, I got to admit that I kind of like it when it's Sunday, it's raining and there are no sound from the world outside. Just me, the coffee machine's mumble and my cat's purr.

All this reminds me of the beautiful pajamas and home-wear I've seen yesterday doing some window shopping in Rome. I like so much wearing soft, comfortable but still stylish leisure wear.
These are some of my favourite ones


Paul Frank's


Kimono jackets
Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Wool Leg warmers

The key-word is comfort  but also glamour...under a nice and warm blanket
Well, writing this post, I have finished my coffee. It's time to go to lit the fire-place and enjoying my Sunday with my husband. Rule #1 now: switching off my laptop.
Enjoy your Sunday as well.

Stay at home
Stay warmglam
Stay Stylish!

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Raffaella ha detto...

Buona domenica e buon week end allora!

fashion junkie ha detto...

These items all look so yummy and comfy!