flight accessories

Ready to catch the flight to New York, just 13 days left...

I just need the perfect accessories for a very comfortable flight. Thanks Louis. Thanks Vuitton.
Stay comfortable
Stay tartan
Stay Stylish!

speaking of clutches...

It's time to start having a look to fall-winter collections 2010-2011, and I'll start with clutches, which are my favourite kind of bags: easy to wear, easy to realize, easy to match.

Love at first sight with:

Alexis Mabille's bow clutch- Love it 10/10...but maybe because I'm simply obsessed with bows

Shouruk's crystal and paillettes handbag. I left also her description of it. If you have five minute, go and visit her website: a joy for the eyes. I would wear this clutch with a total black look, and a very bright make up.

 Alexander McQueen swarosky clutch. It is from the last collection created by Alexander himself before dying
Maison Martin Margiela metallic leather clutch. Sophisticated but still aggressive look

 Viktor and Rolf skulls handbag. Beth Ditto is holding the bag and I love also the black sparkling nail polish (take inspiration from it)!

Last but not least:

Chanel camelias handbag. Simply gorgeous.

The list could be endless, but these are those which stole my heart (I feel to be so superficial when I say such! =D). Which are yours?
The must for this fall and winter is to fight the bad weather, short and grey days with sparkling and exxxxagerate small bags. My fashion tip is not to wear clutches just for evenings but also in an everyday look. I love them with a pair of jeans, white shirt and a boyfriend jacket! You will look stunning!!

Stay clutchy
Stay sparkling
Stay over the top
Stay Stylish!

easy summer things

I haven't got the chance to enjoy so much summer this year, but if I have to make a list of things which remind me summer ( and which I appreciate just during summer time), I cannot leave out...

 Ice Cream
If you need some suggestions about Ice Cream, visit this blog

 short jeans



strong colours of nail polish

white dresses, dinners out, candles, full moons and falling stars. All these things make my summer, even if we are not far away.
Which are the things that make your summer a real summer?
Stay fresh
Stay happy
stay Stylish!

I heart LV's new collection

A very busy week...

going to buy fresh vegetables at the open market in the centre of Florence

I got a tea session with an old friend from college in Piazza di Spagna-Rome

which shoes shall I wear for the Save-the-Alaska-Cactus fund collection commitee meeting?

finally I have some free time to get a manicure at " Le Maurice Beauty spa" in rue du Rivoli-Paris

I have to return some gardening books about tea roses to the British Library-London

romantic dinner at Masa Restaurant- New York

Also God had some rest on Sunday...

Thanks to Letitia, Elle, and a couple of other friends for showing me the best LV's dresses.
Even though I have a very busy life, it's always with the perfect outfit!

Stay in Florence (Rome, Paris, Alaska, London, New York)
Stay wherever
but always
Stay Stylish!

Marras' fall-winter 2010 collection

What can I say: It simply makes me want to be already in fall!
Marras has been always my favourite designer full stop.
clik here if you want to look at the show (it's really worth it, because he is not just a designer, he is a real artist, with his own unique artistic vision)

a sketch by Marras on a Moleskine

I need also to add something which isn't about this specific post: I'm so sorry my last posts haven't been very accurate, but I'm working 10 hours per day and 6 day a week, so it's really hard finding time to be a good blogger!! =D
To all of you: have a nice summer!

look book: Sayonara, Gangster

It's been a while since I read Takahashi Genichiro's Sayonara, Gangster but for me it has been that kind of book able to remain under the skin. I loved the surreal and absurd halo which surrounds the story.

This is the review I found on the internet, and it fits completely (nevertheless it's much better of the review I could write!):
"Sayonara, Gangsters, a thrillingly unhinged perpetual-motion machine full of absurd sex and violence, greased with the awesome confidence of a writer so committed to thumbing his nose at convention that he discovers caverns of wonder deep within said schnoz. (...) The least that can be said is that you never know what's coming next." - Ed Park, The Village Voice"

This  is the look I created inspired by the book, by the characters, by the city, by everything. I hope it helps giving you the curiosity to read it. If you like plots easy to understand but still able to catch you, if you love the Japanese pop culture, if you love to laugh, go for Sayonara, Gangster.
To discover more about the book click here and here

sayonara gangster!




Stay holding-a-book
Stay with a glimpse of Japan
Stay Stylish!

small joys of life

Qualche volta sono certo che chi è felice
sa una cosa in più di noi...o una cosa in meno.

Sometimes I'm certain those who are happy
know one thing more than us...or one thing less.
Anne Michaels

preparing a Nescafè in a fancy way
preparare un Nescafè in modo elegante 
a morning and unexpectedly romantic walk in the old market place of Perugia
una passeggiata mattutina e inaspettatamente romantica nel mercato vecchio di Perugia
Socks enjoying a bee, and the reflection of Afshin in the window
Socks che si diverte con un'ape, e il riflesso di Afshin nel vetro
 Stopping the car to take pictures of the landscape which leaves me breathless all the times
Fermare la macchina per fare delle foto a un paesaggio che mi lascia sempre senza fiato 
the morning light cone with Socks inside
Il cono di luce mattutina con Socks dentro 

plants happy to grow and to stay alive
le piante felici di crescere e di rimanere vive
my shoes closet (finally not long will it last?)
il mio armadio delle scarpe (finalmente non incasinato...quanto durerà?)
my empty side of the bed because I got up earlier to prepare breakfast
la mia parte vuota del letto  perchè mi sono alzata prima per preparare la colazione
la colazione

reading for the umpteenth time Wuthering Heights and discovering a new book
leggere per l'ennesima volta Cime Tempestose e scoprire un nuovo libro

Stay happy
Stay joyful
Stay Stylish!