I have been so not updated lately that I discovered what BB meant just few weeks ago. As I am so into old movies I honestly thought it was something about Brigitte Bardot. Then a very wise lady explained what BB meant nowadays...Blemish Balm. BB creams come straight from Asia: women there are used to use them since forever, and their skins glow! To be honest, I was very skeptical, but I gave them a shot, and ta dah...I like them a lot. Especially now, that it starts being warmer, I prefer not to wear any foundation. So this is my beauty ritual in the morning: 

rose water: to fresh and to give a tone to the skin (toner, in fact!) 
eye-cream: lately I am using Hur products 
day cream: Nuxe, Nuxe and only Nuxe 
BB cream: I am using Garnier, 10 Euros in supermarkets can buy you a fantastic product!

I got so curious I want to try them all!

Be happy and...glow!


Technically they stole my idea: I always thought I could look really pretty if I had pink hair, if I mixed all these prints, if I a had a wolf as a pet...
I think the least they could do was giving me the credits of it...

and my eyes keep on looking for pink...
More information at

Be happy and cherish your passions!


I have been totally ravished from the beauty and poetry of Francesca Mo's jewels. I especially love the Hourglass collection, made with small shells, sand, old gears from old watches and things we all  probably collected when we were kids but then an adult made disappear.
Francesca found all these pieces and created jewels.
I can't stop looking at them. They remind me as a kid with my hands full of sand seated waterfront staring at the horizon.

Be happy and keep your heart full of dreams!