Like all the gals in their thirties I have a debt toward Dawson's Creek. Part of who we are and the way we love it is due to that. And forget about Goethe and his The Sorrows of young Werter, we have based our emotional education on those characters very confused and, mostly, extremely confusing. But I have to say even in those not suspicious time I couldn't stand the holy Joey Potter, loved (why?) by everyone. I always rooted for the outsider Jen Lindley. And I guessed right.
This campaing of miss Williams is amazing and I can't wait to admire her performance in the movie A Week with Marilyn.
We hope for an oscar too, don't we miss Joey Potter? Who is the star now?!

Laugh loudly and be an outsider!


Sunday morning. Look outside the window. Enjoy the silence. There is no traffic in your head. Take your time. I am going to take mine even from myself.

Be happy and laugh laudly.