One of the best song ever by Ms. Ciccone.
The lyrics are so appropriate right now since I'm stuck in here, and I got a metaphorical rush due to too much exposure at the same place.
All my thoughts fly to far places.
I long for the moment me and my husband will hang at the airport, with the luggage already gone, and time to spend before the flight leaves, chatting about stupid things and not worring about job, house,
I need to be miles away.

Stay flying
Stay miles away
Stay Stylish!


Carla Sozzani, Vogue's director, is a genious. She put three curvy women as cover of the magazine, usually destinated to super thin models, without the shade of a breast, or of a hip.
Since God gave me not just a shade, but the whole concept of it, and, what a coincidence, I have spent the last two days searching for a strapless bra that could actually "bra" something; not to mention that Spanks are my best friends, I have pleasently surprised by the cover and the shoot.
Not just surprised: I have been incouraged to be who I am, and mostly, to be how I am.
Let's sign this manifesto:
           Curvy Is Sexy and I won't be ashamed of my curves anymore.

Sara C.

For all those curvy women, leave your signature in the comments box.

Stay as you are
Stay curvy and sexy
Stay Stylish!



Books are wings for our fantasy, books are houses for our deepest thoughts, are nests for our secrets, are guardians of our emotions, are safeguards in our darkest hours, are escapes when reality gets too grey.
Books are beautiful in shape and texture. Books are precious and some of them can change the course of our life and our thoughts. Books are the inheritage of our past, and our legacy to our future.
From our books we define who we are: from the books on our sidetable, on our shelves, in our bag we make the tacit statement: "this is who I am, right here, right now".
And if we decide to hang them and make them as a flying house we give them even more meaning and beauty.

Stay making your fantasy fly
Stay reading
Stay Stylish!


I'm completely absorbed into Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel: The Language of Flowers. It's lovely and intense, and it's that kind of book that while reading it you get so obsessed with it.
Now I have much more passion in taking care of my terrace on the roof, and when I water each flower I think the hidden meaning of it, and I love them even more...
I have yellow roses, and white and red, then I have lilac, hydrangea, peony, geranium, rhododendrum...
I'm not giving any spoiler about the meaning of got to read it.
I'm sending to all of you a thought full of chamomile's petals...which means a lot of strenght.

Stay gardening
Stay reading
Stay Stylish!