I'm back

I'm back from my vacation in New York and I can't still put myself together.
These are some "fashion" pictures I took there. Enjoy!
I don't have much time to write a proper post during these days, but I'll be back soon.

There's no need of explanation for these three pics, isn't it?

eventually I got the Khaki vert.
I bought it even though the salesgirl was really, really rude and unsympathetic (sorry to say, but a very common manner among salespeople of New York)

 the big apple(s)

the real style
a flea market in Brooklyn

I miss New York so much. I love it so much. I'll be back soon. As for my blog.


To all my bloggers friend: eventually I'm leaving! I'm heading to NEw York!!!!
Can't wait anymore to be here:

I don't know if I'm going to be able to write while I'll be there, and if have enough energy left in the evening to do so. Anyway I hope I can update my blog at least with some pictures.

Hugs to all of you!


It's been a hard work summer for me, but finally today is my last but one day of work.
It hasn't been a very glam summer though and I haven't had any particular nice outfits: even if it hurts, I must admit it. These are the only times I have tried something nicer...lazy lazy fashion blogger!

"A life on the red carpet" t-shirt was gift from my husband: it's part of his new t-shirts collection, and it was made just for me

I wear a lot of belts, I love them, thin, thick, waist belts, hips belts. They add a je ne sais quoi!

This is my favourite bag of this summer: I got it in June and ever since I have used it for the whole summer. Beautiful red: I like wear something red with a lot of colours such as acid green, blue, white and black, baby pink, purple...
Bag: Bikkembergs SouthAfrica 2010 Lim. Ed.

College light blue shirt: perfect with a very colourful foulard, or just a simply necklace or a "hamish" style skirt. Or with all these together...

This picture was taken on one of the few days of "freedom". In fact I'm wearing high hills (finally)!

I started wearing short shirts tied on the waist with a tank top unde it: so back in the 50's!!

This is what you missed on:

Le vernis of Chanel

New winter colours from Chanel nail polish are simply gorgeous. Still, I had to wait to try them on because there is the (high) risk that on my white, not model hands, khaki rose, khaki brun and khaki vert will look so sad!
Until that moment of truth I keep loving them!

Stay Khaki
Stay truthful
Stay Stylish!