Steve McCurry exhibition

In Perugia until September there is the exhibition of Steve McCurry : SUD-EST.

Steve McCurry is a worldwide known photographer, you can find a lot of his works on the internet. I hope this post will enocurage whoever reads it to know more about him.

It was an unforgetable experience visitin it also for the outstanding setting: a long rods of wood net, from which all all the pictures were hanged creating a game of light and shadow and into which the visitors get lost.
All the faces I met in this "journey" are still in my mind as an endless poem.

The "forest" of pictures is divided into several "trees", such as:

Osservare un viso è come guardare dentro un pozzo. Sul fondo si compone un riflesso, ed è l'anima che si lascia intravedere. Steve McCurry 
(Observing a face is like staring into a weel. A reflection is composed on the bottom, and you can catch a glimpse of the soul.)

La bellezza salverà il mondo. Fedor Dostoevskij 
(Beauty will save the world)

L'uomo ha bisogno di mettersi in contatto con Dio. Ma non lo troverà mai nel rumore e nell'inquietudine. Lo spirito è amico del silenzio. Osservate come la natura -gli alberi, i fiori, e l'erba- cresce in silenzio. Dobbiamo ascoltare il silenzio, se vogliamo sentire l'anima commuoversi. Madre Teresa 
(ndr: Man needs to be in touch with God. But he won't ever find it in the noise and  anxiety. The spirit is a friend of silence. Observe how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows up in silence. We must listen to the silence if we want to feel the soul being touched. - Mother Teresa)

 "600 pozzi di petrolio in fiamme, il cielo nero e denso più della notte, animali agonizzanti, corpi carbonizzati. Questo è l'inferno." Steve McCurry
(600 inflamed oil weel, a sky black and more dense than the night, agonizing animals, charred bodies. This is hell.)


In questo modo, impercettibilmente la vita ci penetra sotto la pelle, ed è come bere da un bicchiere sempre colmo. Steve McCurry
(in this way, impercetptibly the life penetrates under the skin, and it is like drinking from an always filled up glass)

Ad ogni bambino, ovunque si trovi nel mondo, viene riconosciuto il diritto all'eguaglianza e alla protezione dalla discriminazione senza distinzione o discriminazione dirazza, religione, origine o sesso;
il diritto all'istruzione e alla formazione

il diritto al tempo libero, al gioco e allo svago

il diritto all'informazione, alla partecipazione, a essere ascoltati e a riunirsi; il diritto a una sfera privata e a crescere in uno spirito di uguaglianza e di pace.

il diritto ad aiuti immediati nel caso di catastrofi e in situazione di emergenza, come pure alla protezione contro la violenza.

il diritto ad una comunità familiare, alle cure parentali e a una casa sicura; il diritto all'assistenza in caso di menomazione- Dichiarazione dei Diritti del Fanciullo, Assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite 20 novembre 1959
(ndr:  Declaration of the Rights of the Child, 1959)

All the pictures are not of my property, and all the quotes are taken from the exhibition set.

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Some recent outfits

Since I've been very busy lately I couldn't keep updated my blog; sorry for that.

SO here there are some of the outfits I've been wearing in this period. Some things are new, some are old, some were forgotten and now refound. Hope you like them!

Ready to go out for a dinner with my husband

Strapless dress bought in a vintage boutique in Milan (sorry, there's not label in it anymore)

Bangle by "Elements of Love" (one of my favourite!)
 Glasses by "RayBan Colourized"

Wedges by Fausto Santini

ready to to go to work in a school for theatre workshop 
(you can see it from the face expression: it was very early in the morning and I would rather stood in my bed!)
      Leggings by "Pinko"
      Jumper dress by "H &M"
      Boyfriend jacket by "H & M"
      Scarf by "Le sete di Jaipur" (ndr Jaipur's silks)

Ready to go out...again
       dress by "Moschino Cheap and Chic"
       Blue suede platform by "Primadonna"

Vintage jacket (if you can't see it is with white and red stripes): I love mixing up different kinds of stripes, or stripes with polka dots


ready to go to visit a friend
I love "rosa cipria", which could be in English something like pink powder, or almond pink...or help me with better ideas...anyway this is one of my favourite colour...
Skirt by "Twin Set" ( I love it, take a look at the website, you will love it too)
Leather blouse by "Cucinelli" (it is the most important cashmere knitwear (also leather) producer of Italy, and it happens to be very close to Perugia, that is in Solomeo, a beautiful medioeval village)
Belt by "Gattinoni"
Platforms by "Primadonna"
Flower for the hair by "H & M"

Stay Stylish

Sunday morning at the "flowers and plants exibition fair"

Beautiful and sunny Sunday morning in Italy, so I decided to go with my dear friend Grazia to the "FLOWERS AND PLANTS EXIBITION FAIR" in Perugia (my hometown). I wanted to buy some plants for my terrace, to enrich it even more.

Ready to go...This is what I wore for the occasion:

-Vintage jacket (no label in it!), with red and white stripes  and 3/4 sleeves
- Jeans by "the ninth", shredded and baggy
- Fausto Santini wedges (take a look: his style it's quite interesting and uncommon)
- a flower in my hair couldn't be missing: this is by H&M

These are some of the plants we have seen...and bought!
water lily

several kinds of roses

Japanese peonies

a bee on a tea rose
(sun glasses by RayBan: Pop Color teal and white)

meet the lovely Grazia.

Look how beautiful are the colours of these irises

I loved them all, specially the deep purple one, but I didn't get any of them because I ran out of my budget: 30 euros.
I enjoyed myself so much, it was all so beautiful, the atmosphere, the sun seeping through the branches, the happy and lighthearted people, the colours, the smells. It really mad my day!

Stay floreal
Stay happy
stay lighthearted