Dance Gala

My husband is a well-known coreographer of urban dances in Italy. He's always around the country presenting his coreography. Last Sunday we were in Spoleto, a beautiful town in the southern part of Umbria for the Gran Galà della Danza. He was invited as the special guest of the event. Special guest, special outfit...
but I've been very busy so I haven't got the chance to think about it, but there's always a solution:

white male shirt


To give a touch of elegance, I pinned it with my design brooch

white male shirt: vintage (I got it for 3 euros, and it's one of the thing use the most)
black trousers: zara
shoes: fornarina
bag: valentino vintage (it's real vintage: it belonged to my grandmother)
brooch: pietro (on of the jewllery designers of Krizia)

Praise and honour to white male shirts!
If you are in trouble and you want to be elegant anyway, there's no need to go very far, the solution is under your eyes, you got just to see it: white male shirt.  Then add just one or two personal details and that's it. And never forget a strong lipstick. Here I'm wearing a Dior red lipstick.

Stay with what you already have in the closet
Stay creative
Stay Staylish!

a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away

When I saw this bag, I simply fell in love, not only because it reminds me of the most stylish cake on the earth (which I do not eat often because there aren't in Italy), but also because I love so much when fashion combines with everyday object, specially with greedy objects!
I thought how I would use this bag, and it came out that it's perfect with a lot of styles. Key word: daring!
1bag x 4 shoes

Let's do the math: 1 bag x 4 shoes= 4 bags???
 Yes! (I'm not a  math person, I will tell you once my math project with the population of beans...but that's  completely an other story) 
This cupcake bag is lovely, fun, and perfect for many occasions.
I like so much toy-accesories, eventhough some people may think I'm too old for this kind of stuff! But when there is style, the word old doesn't belong to the dictionary! And there's a proverb which says: a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away (was it an apple? I don't think so)
Timmy Woods Cupcake Handbag 

Saturday night out: blue hills by Eden
Sunday morning at a cafè: leather wedges by Jeffrey Campbell
Monday evening at the cinema: sneakers by Reebok
Tuesday afternoon at the library: red flat shoes by Restricted

Stay greedy
Stay healthy
Stay Stylish!

Green with envy

I have to admit it: I feel so envy of those who are spending July sitting around a fancy swimming pool.. But since this is a blog about style, my envy has a gorgeous green outfit!
green with envy
dress:Calypso Kimberly
bath suit: O'neill score+Oakley
  sandals: Brown fashion
flip-flap: Rocket dog
bangle: CC skye

My envy has of course her favourite beauty product (after all she is a diva), these

are the cleanser and moisturizer by La Primavera (if you like organic beauty products click here).
I suppose then that green is the colour of this summer, or at least of my summer.

Stay green
(don't)Stay envious
Stay Stylish

Article 19

 Gattinoni's dress to protest against "legge bavaglio"

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers."

 to learn more about the "gag law",  click here and here

officially over

Since today my summer is officially over. I just started working on my summer job (which anyway I bless it all the time since being an actress means having a 10 months job...what about the other 2?).
So during summer time I work in a bar of a pool in a seclutaked spot of Umbrian country side, or as I renamed it: into the wild...taken from the movie of Sean Penn. And believe me, the comparison works.

I decided that the key word for the outfits for this job, in order not to seem too shabby, will be: dresses, or as we call them in Italian: vestitini (actually I never completely got why we call them as something small). They are fresh, comfortable, they possess a shadow of style, and they are all that is left me to remind me that summer is not over, yet.

top row: from the right 1. anonymous 2. anonymous 3. Elle shop 4. Vanessa Bruno
bottom row; from the right 5. Cleo 6. Motel 7. Jesirè

If you are a summer worker and you opt for vestitini, just remember that they must have some features to be perfect for an outdoor (but also indoor) job.
1.They shouldn't be too short: I don't want any client of the pool enjoying my underwear while they wear a swimsuits (and I'm not enjoying it)
2. They must be very fresh, and made of natural fabric: stinking is never nice, specially at work!
3. They must be simply and not too pretentious, during work time is better to look clean and pretty, but not elegant: I don't want them to think I would like to be somewhere else (ehm...yah!)
Is this list kind of sad? Are the dresses I posted sad as well?
Ok, maybe they are, but you should see my face...

Stay happy
Stay happy
Stay happy!!!!

Easy Friday

Today is such a sunny and hot Friday in Italy, and for all those people who must stay in the city and that are not lucky enough to be on the beach (as I am...I mean not lucky enough), I created this outfit, in order to stay cool but still very stylish.
easy Friday

 shirt : See By Chloè
rolled short: Elliot
High Fashion Pleated clutch
Landver Multiple ring
DD ring:  Drop Dead Clothing
vintage sunglasses
Chanel Hydrabase no. 90
tarte cosmetics- glam gams
tarte cosmetics. cheek stain 
Michael Kors sandals

Let me spend a word about Tarte Cosmetics: I love the brand because  is all organic and not tested on animals, but it doesn't give up on glamour. I like so much all the colours and products consistences. My favourite is the cheek stain which is also perfect for high temperatures since it remains flawless. For Easy Friday is the "tipsy" cheek stain nuance.There's just a problem: Tarte Cosmetics is not sold in Italy, so I have to buy on the internet, which is not very comfortable: I can't wait to go to New York in September to buy a bunch if it! Credit card be ready to work.
My personal interpretation of the Easy Friday look is:

Short and white shirt: vintage market
shoes: already on a previous post
sunglasses: zara
bangle: sonia rykiel
bag: handmade bag
Stay cool
Stay in the city
Stay Stylish!

dinner time

It was such a beautiful time! In case you were wondering...All my girlfriends were stunning as usual, and the mood was perfect for a dinner on the "terrace.

E' stato stupendo! Nel caso ve lo domandiate...Tutte le mie amiche erano bellissime come al solito, e l'umore era perfetto per la cena sulla "terrazza"
This is what I wore:
Questo è ciò che ho indossato:
dress: Zara
shoes: Fornarina

We had a great and light too dinner. I prepared bulgur tabulè, chicken, peach and tropea onion kebabs and greek jogurt with cocumbers, thyme and mint.

La cena era deliziosa e anche leggera. Ho preparato il tabulè di bulgur, spiedini di pollo, pesche e cipolle di tropea e jogurt greco con cetrioli, timo e menta

Music? beh, it could be just CafèdelMar to create the perfect sea-atmosphere...

La musica? Beh, poteva essere soltanto il CafèdelMar per creare la perfetta atmosfera da mare...

We couldn't take great pictures because as it happens all the times, once the chatting is open, girlfriend can never stop. But here there are the few I took:

Non siamo riuscite a fare delle belle foto perchè come succede di solito, una volta che iniziano le chiacchere le amiche non sanno fermarsi. Comunque qui ci sono quelle poche che sono riuscita a fare :
height differences...our burden...
differenze di altezza... la nostra croce

Other thing you might wonder is (and I don't want you to loose your sleep!): did she manage to make fruit ice-cubes?? And the answer is...Yes!
look how pretty they are:

Un'atra cosa che potreste chiedervi è (non voglio che ci perdiate il sonno!) : sarà riuscita a fare i cubetti di ghiaccio con la frutta?? La risposta è...Sì!
Guardate quanto sono carini:
Anyway, the conclusion is that we had an unforgetable time, and my suggestion is to have costantly  times in which we unplug the world, and we wask our girlfriends out for a date: it's one of the best remedy against our times' anxiety.

Comunque la conclusione è che abbiamo passato una serata indimenticabile, e il suggerimento è quello di ritagliarsi costantemente dei momenti in qui chiudere il mondo fuori e chiedere un appuntamento alle nostre amiche: è uno dei rimedi migliori contro l'ansia del nostro tempo.

Stay together
Stay happy
Stay however you are

the Terrace

I have invited some friends at "the Terrace", which is not the coolest new place in town, but simply my sky-view terrace for a Formentera easy going dinner.
I have created a look for the occasion: simply, ideal for easy summer evenings.
dinner at the terrace with my girlfriend
dress: from RARE
bag: timmy  woods
hat: goorin brothers
necklace: carolee

What she wore: number 1

I received the first outfit wore by one of my readers. And I'm very happy to introduce her to all of you:
She' s Anuscè, she is a lawyer in Washington, and a brilliant blogger too. Her blog is a journey into a healthy life. Click here to see how great it is and what a good writer she is.

This is the outfit for her 9th anniversary (can you imagine that?).
I like so much the idea of wearing leggings with high hills. It's very elegant but still not too pretentious. And the sparkling shirt is gorgeous.
Here are the details of what she wore:

top: H & M
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: NY & Company
Purse: Sysley
Glasses: H & M

Let me spend few words about clutches: I love them!!! And it's not so hard to bring them. It's like walking on hills: once you have learnt you would never go down!
I like the not-colour of the shoes and also the open toe+platform. They also seem confortable, perfect for a hands in hands walk after dinner. And the neutral, light and natural colour would make them perfect for a lot of clothes.

I bet she had a wonderful anniversary evening!
If you want some details, go and check Anuscè's blog: CIAO-CHOW
And if you want your outfit published on! just send me an email.

Stay on style-you
Stay on style-me
Stay Stylish!