Socks the cat and Sara C. the blogger wish to all of you a fantastic 2012.
Be fabulous as you are!
See you next year, yeahhhh!


This Christmas...
May we learn to cherish our family and friends
May we learn to love deeply and completely
May we learn to apreciate what life has given us
May we learn that thank is the most important word

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!


You are the first one to wake up in the morning. There are no sound around you, but you can hear the breath of nature. A cup of hot coffee, a quick wash to your face. You open the door and you feel the sparkling air on your skin. Warm coat and boots. You step into fresh snow. And you are ready to head to the wild, aware that someone is waiting for you at home. This is what I call "winter".

into the wild
TopShop coat, Mou boots, Furla bag, TopShop jewellery, Amrita Singh earings, Liska scarf, MarcJacobs mittens, K-Way jacket

Be happy and Love deeply


If only I hadn't such a busy week, I would have noticed that everything in town is turning into the perfect set for Christmas.
If only I hadn't such a busy week I would have noticed that everyone is buying already presents.
If only I hadn't such a busy week I would have noticed that every house parades a wreath.
As you could assume: I am having such a busy week.
But I found time to make up my mind about what I am going to cook for Christmas.
Browsing the web I found  an amazing site for Christmas: FumilyFun from the Disney!

I am going to start with this Christmas Package Cheese Snack

Then I'm going to head to this amazing herb roasted turkey

with a side of butternut squash sufflè

 To end with cherry open tartellette and coconut blizard

I can't wait to try all of this: do you think Family Fun sends the Fairy Godmather to help in the kitchen?
Beause if  things keep being so frantic, I will definitely need some help.

Have a full day and Laugh a Lot!


In an era when labels do not work anymore, it is easy to find a chef who decides tostep into the world of beauty and make up. But he doesn't forget his starting point: Takaya Hanayuishi takes veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers to create an amazing new style of hairdressing that incorporates freshly-cut flowers and vegetables.
It is true that the sky is the limit and when you thought to have seen it all, you haven't seen anything.

Be amazed in front of this pure poetry and aesthetic from Japan.

Be happy and Love deeply!


I can't afford diamond rings.
I can't afford rubies, sapphires, emeralds.
I can't afford luxury cars and villas.
To be honest I don't care.
I can afford gold:
Gold as the leaves falling down. Gold as chocolate coins. Gold as the glitters I put on my mother's birhtday card when I was 6. Gold as the small ring I received from my first sweetheart. Gold as the first pair of earrings I got from my grandfather when I pierced my ears. Gold as the paper we wrote invitation on for our wedding.
It's true, gold is the most precious thing.

Be Happy and Have a heart of gold!

"Gold" by Spandau Ballet


I can't deny that even though it's hard to make a new business coming into life, it's also very exciting and it gives a lot of satisfaction. Especially when you realize you are stepping into your future, doing what you love to do.
I'm working as a personal shopper as a parallel job, in a city where this job is totally new and it belongs to a unexplored field. That's where the excitment comes from: wouldn't be the same if it was easy, would it?
That's how I dressed for the first meeting.
I decided a quality I wanted to show, and I made up my look.
The quality was: confidence.
Did I succeed?

blouse Prada/skirt Zara/stockings Waldford/shoes Pura Lopez   

Be Happy and Have Confidence!

p.s. a lot of people have been asking from where I take my titles. They are always song titles ( I know, it's very Grey's anatomy!). So from now on, you'll find details at the bottom of each post.

"Nothing's gonna stop us now" by Starship


Her: I don't feel like going out tonight                 
Him: I don't feel like staying in tonight

Her: I'd like so much to eat something sweet      
Him: I'm in the mood for a pizza

Her:  Let's talk                                                  
Him: Let's sleep

Her: the Sex and the City marathon!                 
  Him: the Godfather marathon!

Her: I'm cold                                                       
Him: I'm hot

Her: I want to go to the mountains                       
Him: I want to go at the seaside

Her: ....                                                                   
Him: ***@@£$%%##

Thanks to Prada, at least they do agree on shoes....
LEI:she/her. LUI=he/him
 Prada: the peacekeeper of a marriage

Have a nice day and be in love!


A bag or a museum? Is the bag named after the musuem or the other way round? I can't make up my mind: is the musuem famous thanks to the bag or the bag is a tribute to the contemporary art museum in Queens?
Many patterns and fabrics will pass by, and many artists will have their exhibitions on one of the floors of that flows, as fashion goes on...
When I first saw this bag, I loved it: after all is the IT bag from Proenza Schouler.
But on my first trip to Queens  this former high school (which by the way reminded me so much of the Fame school) transformed into one of the most cutting edge museum for contemporary art, the PS1, really  got me so inspired, that I really felt art flowing in my veins.
I came up with the solution of the mistery:

art influences fashion. 
Fashion is just a piece of matter. Art is soul. And the soul always moulds the matter.

Be Happy and Be full of Soul!


My fellow bloggers finally I manage to post the interview with Leanne Marshall. What I really have appreciated about her and her staff is the easiness to get in contact with her. I sent an email, and I got an answer.
Let's discover a glimpse of Leanne's creative world made of petals, waves, moon colour and heart shapes.
Enjoy it!

1. how did you discover your talent for design and fashion?
When I was young, I took ballet. My curiosity about design started then and I began designing my own costumes. 
2. do you or did you ever doubt it?
There have been times where things weren't easy, but there was never a moment where I doubted that I had the talent to do what I wanted to do, which is design.
3. what has given you strenght to struggle in this dog eats dog fashion world?
It's really about adapting. There will always be hurdles, but choosing to face and over come them has been my maker for success.
4. which is the piece you created you love the most?
My favorite piece is called the tuxi dress. It is so classic, yet completely original at the same time. 
5. on the other hand, which is that one you feel ashamed of (if you have one)?
If I am ashamed of a garment, it gets recycled and turned into something I am proud of. I never sell anything, or send it down the runway, if I am ashamed of it.   
6. what's your favourite colour?
probably mint green. 
7. from where you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from a variety of things. I have had whole collections inspired by nature, graphic design fonts, waves and even specific pieces of art. 
8. which is the first thing you created?
My ballet outfits were my first creations. But the first thing I sewed wasn't until high school.
9. who is the woman you create for?
I design for the woman who has a unique style. One who wants to look sexy in an atypical way. My ideal client is the one who wants to look ethereal everyday.
10. if you weren't a fashion designer what would you be?
I would be an illustrator or photographer, which are a part of my job anyhow.

Leanne's blog: petals and waves

"Come to the edge of the shore and stand with
your eyes tight shut, and you will be carried out upon the waves" (R. Tagore)