Great beauty products under 10 euros

Every newspaper keeps telling us that there is the "crisis", and you know, it is actually true!
But what shall we do? Shall we give up on taking care of ourselves? Of course not!
So here I there are some of the products I use. I think these products are very good, and I paid for them less than 10 euros.

In the morning I start washing my face with VICHY ESSENTIEL nettoyant visage. Its formula is based on rose active ingredient. It's very delicate and it leaves my skin very fresh and glowing. I also use it to wash properly my eyes because in the morning I find always some mascara traces from the day before. This product cost just 4,90 euros and you can buy it in all the pharmacies.

After that I take a big cotton pad, and I imbue with some ROBERTS' ROSE WATER. It's very fresh and it has a tonic action on the skin. It costs 3 euros more or less and you can find it in all the supermarkets.

Since I wear contact lenses and I suffer of tired eyes, every morning I prepare my eyes with eyewash. I noticed that it also makes the white part of the eye whiter and  brighter. My pharmacist suggested this product some months ago and since then I never stopped using it: ISOMAR. It can be used also wearing lenses. It costs 8 euros.

Then I apply the moisturizer. OLAZ BEAUTY FLUID. It is perfect also as base for makeup. I also apply it on my neck and close to the ears (wrinkles get also there!). It costs 6,90 euros in all the supermarkets.

Then  EYE CONTOUR FROM YES TO CARROTS. Full of vitamin c, with its rich and soft consistency it's perfect to nourish the area around the eyes. It takes away also some of the grey left from a  few-hours sleep.

I also use truly terrific BODY BUTTER BY YES TO TOMATOES: it leaves the skin soft for the whole day. And it also smell so gooood.

Following there are products for makeup:
1. Mascara, deep black by KIKO, it makes eyelash very long and separate. It cost just 3,90 euros but it is one of the best mascara ever, much better than other expensive mascara.
2. This is a gel by TRUCCO MINERALE, which is called RUGIADA PER OCCHI (dew for the eyes). It's a great product because it transforms all the powder eye-shadows into eye-liner (as you can see from a lot of pictures I love the eye-liner make-up: very Audrey Hepburn style). With this product you can have  eye-liner of all the colors you want. It costs 7,90, but you can buy it just on the internet from Trucco Minerale
3. An un-expected great product: it's a top coat for nail polish from ASTRA. It's a brand which I never gave any credit for, but this coat is just amazing. The nail polish lasts 7-8 days without any imperfection: it seems that you have treated nails with gel. It costs 5 euros more or less.

If I don't have a lot of time, I use this Mineral foundation fromTRUCCO MINERALE. It's very easy to blend on the skin, it works also as finishing powder and it lasts for the whole day. It costs 13,90 (I know I know I said under 10 euros: but everyone knows that it's impossible to find a good foundation under 10 euros unless you want your skin to fall!)

Then I use this pink eyeshadow from KIKO. It's perfect both for eyes and for cheeks. It costs 3,90.
I hope you have found useful this post: in this period of saving money, we need to find good products. If you have some other suggestions please, leave your comment. I'm glad to learn more.
Stay beautiful
Stay with some money in your pocket
Stay stylish

Harajuku girls

Today I got inspired to write this post by a Gwen Stefani's song. Harajuku girls.

I love her style and of her dancers. It' s the perfect mix of trends, femininity and a touch of eccentricity.
It's very easy to copy, or to take some inspiration from it (maybe the whole of it could be too much).
Start with a short skirt, with a college pattern, or stripes, or small flowers

Then add a sports upper part, which has to be tight and simple.
A very important part is an eccentric accessory as tights. Here my friend Sheyla is wearing one I really like

I think this outfit is perfect, the right balance between something not common at all but still bon ton. Do not forget to wear nice open toes, or plateau high hills shoes. 

Another combination is wearing  very colorful and long socks, as those for basketball players, or also  knee-pads similar to those for volley-ball but not with high hills, but with sneakers
In order to be a perfect Harajuku girls an accessory for the hair can't be missing: big hairbands or a ribbon, or a small hat just on the side of the forehead. I made a couple simply rigging up some tulle.
In one of my next post I'll show you how.
For now,
stay Harajuku
stay bon ton
Credits: thanks to my friend Sheyla, who never miscues an outfit

Men at the gym

Finally I got the chance to write about a problem that concerns me a lot, actually it upsets me:
men at the gym.

why? why? why????
Do you  wear terrible terrible shorts ( I guess it's non a case that underpants can be called shorts as well)? Old and consumed shorts, with vicius colors as light grey, blue, which is not blue anymore but it turns into a wired grey; black, which is not black anymore but it turns again into a wired grey.
And most of these shorts do not have a decent shape anymore. I must be honest: you, yes I'm pointing at you: you look terrible even though you don't think so!
Sometimes, when I'm sweating and toiling I would like to stop and to scream: excuse me, you know you are not alone in here! and you know I really do not care what your nuts are doing right now!! And then: you know that even if they are called shorts it doesn't mean that they have to be so far away from your knees!
It's very important to pick the clothes of your size: if sizes do exist it is for a reason! And this is valid also for t-shirts and tank tops. Both if have muscle or if you don't, if they are toooo tight you look so much more as a sausage. Come on, let's give some space to imagination!
I hope you don't feel offended by all this, but if you are: it means I'm talking for you as well!

But since I don't want just to point the finger at you, here there are some suggestion:
 and remember, gym is a public place !

You could try with a simple Adidas tracksuit like this

It's colorful, it's confortable, it's stylish!
It's perfect with a white/black/red t shirt of your size, and runner shoes.
It gives such a "back-in-the-70s style", and believe you don't give up at all to comfort.
I also love Karl Kani. Here in Perugia(my hometown) you can find it at Smooth: the best sports-trends and streetwear shop ever in the centre of Italy:

This is what I mean:

Another tip:
don't wear what in Italy we call "fantasmini" (litterally: small ghosts): those very short socks that can't be seen in the shoes.Do you what I mean? Or is it just an Italian desease?
Again: why? why? why?
Socks can be nice, socks can be something not to hide, unless they  have holes. Sock can be part of the outfit!
Fantasmini on the other hand are simply terrible, because they leave out the not-hairy-part-turning-into-the-hairy-part (Sorry I don't know the anathomycal name)of the leg, and that is not your best part to see.
I know, I sound harsh, but it's for your own good. Trust me, and then you'll tell me.
stay fit
stay stylish
credits: for this post I deeply thank my husband's closet

being sooo tired

I hate when I'm this tired, with no energies at all...
So I've been thinking: what can I do to cheer me up? What can I do to feel better?
Thinking about something...
I came out with these ideas:

First of all I take some papaya: Papaya it's full of antioxidant, it's perfect when you feel tired and a little bit sick. I have a lot of problem with my eyes: as soon as I feel that pink eye is coming I have some papaya! As soon as I feel flue is knocking at may door, I take some Papaya, etc etc. Try it. It won't disappoint you.It tastes also delicious.

Second: a facial mask. This is G-Energize from Skinvitals and it one of those cloth made, for stressed and tired skins...belonging to stressed and tired people...ops, me! I put it on and I lay down for 15 minutes on my sofa. Then since a bit of the lotion remains in the packet I massage my face with it. It's time to not waste anything!

Third: some music perfect for the mood. Now I'm a lot into the new Sade album, it calms me down and it helps me thinking positive. It's a great album. She is sooo back!Fourth: it would be perfect some shopping, but since I'm on "diet" , I just have a Yoox-windows-shopping and then a Outnet-windows-shopping...
Actually being on "diet" doesn't stress me out that much: sometimes, in these slow, silent, lonely afternoons isn't that bad to enjoy small things.
And maybe this is suggestion number 5, the only one which can make all the other four work...

stay relaxed, stay happy


UFFF!!! We thought that finally there was spring in Italy: but when we woke up yesterday it was such a rainy and windy day (even very cold). So, what do we do? Shall we stay home? We opted for to stay in...but you know me, never forgetting the style.
Hmm, I thought I can be confortable, but adding some "thing" to cheer the day up.
This is the result...being honest I copied some details to the last number of Elle Italy
If they can, why can't I????


_The sweat pants are from Ralph Lauren

_Shoes are from Adidas Original

_the black bat-shape jumper is from H&M
This is a shabby chic style that I love so much. And to fill the greyness of the day never forget to wear a nice lipstick.
Here I'm wearing Dior diorific 014 la dolce vita.
Hope you enjoy the idea to match sweat pants with a très chic jumper.
Stay shabby, stay chic!

Tra donne d'onore

For today I'm not speaking of style: today it is the day of:
Tra donne d'onore- among women of Honor
That's the title of the show I'm in with other 12 women. It's about mafia women, how they live it, how they relate themselves with it. It's performed as a greek choir, where all the voices melt together as one, where all the bodies co-exist as one and blend into each other, but also where sometimes some voices are louder and stronger than the others in order to be heard. It is a show that gives voice to the voiceless, it gives existence to the not-existing ones.
Echoes of an inner war mingle horror that surrounds these women, for whom the honor is the only lifeline in his condition of solitude.

Tonight we are going on stage at the Spello theatre. More than other times, there is a huge amount of adrenaline, big energy, but also a lot of fear. It hasn't been easy this time: many problems to solve, but at the end we did it...didn't we?
So to all the WOMEN of HONOR

Ballet flats & spring

Finally spring has also reached Italy! It's warm, it's sunny, it's beautiful.
I decided to welcome spring starting again wearing my ballet flats: I love them. They are perfect with a lot of things, they are elegant, but not too much, perfect with jeans, skirts, leggings and all those clothes we wear in spring, and they make my legs looking great even though I'm not tall at all!

These above are from BLOCH: Bloch is one of the most important firm for professional ballet shoes. All the shoes of the most famous and important ballet dancers are from Bloch. Since few years they started producing ballet flats for everyone. I have tow pairs. I love these ones: can you see that they seemed to be made out of newspaper?

These ones are from ZARA : I got them last years sales just for 8 euros! They are not very high quality, but the colour it's great and it wipes off a bit of winter grey. Perfect with deep blue skinny jeans.

These are from JANETTE : I got them just a month ago and they were the last pair so I just paid 10 euros! Perfect with short skirts for the red suede ankle bendage they have, but also with trousers (the bendage must be covered by the way)

Ballet flats are great, they bring us aroun spring!
Why don't you post also yours? You can leave your feet in the shoes by the way taking the picture

stay flat!
stay spring!

Hello everyone, today it's the last day of Easter vacation in Italy. I decided for a very bunny look: white ribbon in my hair and a gorgeous red Dior lipstick: this is how I fought the very bad Italian weather of today.
We went to Valdiachiana Outlet to have some shopping (ehm ehm I didn't find anything interesting), but I decided to partecipate to "model for a day" contest.
So we'll see.
Happy not-anymore-Easter
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style me. Stylish!

Today I went with my friend Anuscè to a very small open market in Perugia and here there is the sty-list of what we got:
-white trousers: white it's perfect for summer time, and it is very elegant, but also easy with right accessories. It's common to think that white is just for skinny girls with small bottoms. WRONG! If you wear it with a long shirt (long not large) and high hills they look great. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you are not very slim it is not true that the bigger (the larger, the longer) the better.

- a very nice burberry-style t shirt. Beautiful with white trousers (it reminds me a little bit ofJackie O)- a shirt dress, blue navy. Perfect with suede boots.

The girl in these pics is Anuscè:can you see how great she looks?It's simple and in this case also cheap.
I add some pictures to show how easy is to mix up things they seemed to not belong together!

Stay tuned. Stay stylish!