In an era when labels do not work anymore, it is easy to find a chef who decides tostep into the world of beauty and make up. But he doesn't forget his starting point: Takaya Hanayuishi takes veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers to create an amazing new style of hairdressing that incorporates freshly-cut flowers and vegetables.
It is true that the sky is the limit and when you thought to have seen it all, you haven't seen anything.

Be amazed in front of this pure poetry and aesthetic from Japan.

Be happy and Love deeply!


I can't afford diamond rings.
I can't afford rubies, sapphires, emeralds.
I can't afford luxury cars and villas.
To be honest I don't care.
I can afford gold:
Gold as the leaves falling down. Gold as chocolate coins. Gold as the glitters I put on my mother's birhtday card when I was 6. Gold as the small ring I received from my first sweetheart. Gold as the first pair of earrings I got from my grandfather when I pierced my ears. Gold as the paper we wrote invitation on for our wedding.
It's true, gold is the most precious thing.

Be Happy and Have a heart of gold!

"Gold" by Spandau Ballet


I can't deny that even though it's hard to make a new business coming into life, it's also very exciting and it gives a lot of satisfaction. Especially when you realize you are stepping into your future, doing what you love to do.
I'm working as a personal shopper as a parallel job, in a city where this job is totally new and it belongs to a unexplored field. That's where the excitment comes from: wouldn't be the same if it was easy, would it?
That's how I dressed for the first meeting.
I decided a quality I wanted to show, and I made up my look.
The quality was: confidence.
Did I succeed?

blouse Prada/skirt Zara/stockings Waldford/shoes Pura Lopez   

Be Happy and Have Confidence!

p.s. a lot of people have been asking from where I take my titles. They are always song titles ( I know, it's very Grey's anatomy!). So from now on, you'll find details at the bottom of each post.

"Nothing's gonna stop us now" by Starship