Picking the outfit for castings is not easy: in five minutes you got to communicate something not just speaking aloud but also through your look. So every time I have a casting I got to figure out what character they are looking for and to try then to look pretty much alike someone I don't actually know.

This is the last look from the last casting I have done yesterday morning.
dress: Marni/jacket: Zara/shoes: Jfk/bag: Adidas

I have smoothed my hair, I have done my eyeliner makeup, I have had my coffee, and I went.
I forgot  to wear my mask and I was exactly how I am always. I missed out being the character I thought they were looking for and instead I have been myself. I don't know if I am going to be picked for this job but at least if this will happen I will be choosen for who I am.

Stay yourself
Stay natural
Stay Stylish!


I can't resist when I see all these makeups in beautiful packages waiting to be wrapped up for presents.
Presents shouldn't be just for other people but also for ourselves. I love when I feel I deserve to buy something special for myself and I ask the shop assistant  to wrap it in colourful paper and ribbons.
(I have done the same also at Tiffany's!) .
Can you imagine unwrapping all these sparkling and precious palettes? A moment of pure joy.

Dior's Minaudiere

Givenchy's Prisme Collector

Tarina Tarantino's Jewel Box

Tarte's Ring It Cheek Stain

Guerlain' s pudre collection

Stay happy
Stay joyful
Stay Stylish!


Trampling on yellow leaves is one of the best thing to do during autumn time, isn't it? Hearing that beautiful and warm sound of leaves crackin under the boots reminds me a lot when I was a child and I pretended  those heaps were like a sea and I was a sailor.

Now that I'm a grown up things haven't change that much. I still love that sound and that feeling, the only thing I am aware of is that with better shoes the sound is even sweeter and the memory will last forever.

Stay trampling
Stay happy 
Stay Stylish!


I won't use a lot of words to describe my disappointment regarding Rihanna's latest choices of style. I would like just to say: Girl you are gorgeous, why are you trying your best to look so bad every time?
I can't understand it.
Here it's what I'm referring to:
 Non voglio dilungarmi più di tanto per descrivere quanto le ultime scelte in fatto di stile di Rihanna siano state tremende. Vorrei solo dire: "ragazza sei bellissima , ma perchè ce la stai proprio mettendo tutta per stare male ogni volta? Non riesco a capirti."
Ecco a cosa mi riferisco:

(X-Factor Italia)

Are you out of your mind?? I don't know where to start: why? why did you want to wear a diaper? and the boots worsen even more the complete outfit and the shape of your body! Maybe it's time to fire your personal stylist and finding a new one.
 Ma cosa ti ha detto la testa? Non so neanche da dove partire: perche? Perchè hai voluto indossare un pannolino? e gli anfibi peggiorano il tutto e la forma del tuo corpo! Forse è ora di licenziare il tuo personal style e trovarne uno nuovo.

(David Letterman Show)

She seems to be very fond of panties. I read somewhere this is a Dolce and Gabbana' s creation, which confirms the main concecpt: style is not a matter of brands at all.
 Sembra che le piacciono molto le mutande. Ho letto da qualche parte che questa sia una creazione di Dolce e Gabbana, il che conferma il concetto base: lo stile non è una questione di firme.
I didn't mean to be rude but having a blog about style means also writing posts when there is lack of style. 
Non voglio risultare maleducata ma scrivere un blog in cui si parla di stile vuol dire anche scrivere quando quest'ultimo manca.

Stay Stylish!


My cat woke me up early this Sunday morning, and even though I could spend more time sleeping, I got to admit that I kind of like it when it's Sunday, it's raining and there are no sound from the world outside. Just me, the coffee machine's mumble and my cat's purr.

All this reminds me of the beautiful pajamas and home-wear I've seen yesterday doing some window shopping in Rome. I like so much wearing soft, comfortable but still stylish leisure wear.
These are some of my favourite ones


Paul Frank's


Kimono jackets
Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Wool Leg warmers

The key-word is comfort  but also glamour...under a nice and warm blanket
Well, writing this post, I have finished my coffee. It's time to go to lit the fire-place and enjoying my Sunday with my husband. Rule #1 now: switching off my laptop.
Enjoy your Sunday as well.

Stay at home
Stay warmglam
Stay Stylish!


 For those who do not her and do not know her music I would like to introduce Carmen Consoli, the best known Italian cantantessa (female singer). It's from these days the release of her best of, and since I like her so much I wanted to write something about her but especially about her style. Not only I adore her music but I think her style is unique, a mixture of romantic and rock, with some hints of retro and glamour. She is gorgeous, don't you think?

Per tutti coloro che non la conoscono e non conoscono la sua musica, vi presento Carmen Consoli, la cantantessa italiana per eccellenza. Esce proprio in questi giorni la sua raccolta dei successi, e essendo io una sua fan sfegatata ho deciso di scrivere qualcosa su di lei soprattutto da un punto di vista "stilistico". Non solo adoro la sua musica ma trovo che abbia uno stile favoloso, da cui prendere ispirazione: un mix di romanticismo e rock, con qualche accenno retrò e glamour. E' magnifica, non credete?

Her best of was release on November 16, the same date of my mom's birthday...this the live perfomance of Carmen of "In bianco e nero" dedicated to her mother (check the golden trousers out: Ilovethem!!!)

Il suo best of "per niente stanca" è uscito il 16 novembre, lo stesso giorno del compleanno di mia madre: questa è la sua perfomance di "in bianco e nero", canzone dedicata a sua madre (ma i pantaloni dorati non sono stupendi: Ilovethem!!!) 

Stay romantic
Stay rock
Stay Stylish!


How I envy those who live in Tokyo. Why? Because they can get the Plush Kitty Reebok! When I saw them on Vanity Fair I couldn't help myself from adoring them: j'adore Hello Kitty (like all those in their 30's but that still can't live with the fact!) and j'adore Reebok (like all in their 30's because we remember wearing Reebok shoes at school!)

They are all made out of faux fur...aren't they over the edge? I love them! Should I get a ticket to Tokyo? Eh, you can call me superficial, I know, but it's not my fault if I fall for a red fluffy ribbon...

Stay plushy
Stay Reebok
Stay Stylish!


People have emailed me asking to write something about dance wear, since I spend a lot of time doing dance classes.

Alcune persone mi hanno chiesto di scrivere qualcosa riguardo l'abbigliamento da danza, visto che spendo tanto tempo facendo lezioni di danza

These are my favourite things to wear:

Queste sono le cose che preferisco indossare

Knitwear roll over pants from Bloch. I always prefer something made of  wool during warming ups: they are so soft and they keep the muscles so warm (The picture is taken from

Pantaloni di lana da arrotolare (Bloch). Mi piace sempre indossare qualcosa di lana durante il riscaldamento. Sono morbidissimi e tengono i muscoli caldi (Questa foto è presa dal sito Bloch)

The thing I use the most is the sudarella (Italian word which means "that makes
sweating"). I put it on cotton stockings, or leggings, and I like it so much both with just the body or with a huge t-shirts.

Ciò che non manca mai nelle mie lezioni di danza è la sudarella. La metto sopra calze in cotone o leggings. Mi piace sia solo col body sia con magliettone enormi.

All you can see in these pictures are classical ballet dancers. The contemporary ones usually dance barefoot or with socks.

Tutte queste foto sono di danzatori classici. Quelli di contemporanea di solito danzano a piedi nudi o con i calzettoni.

The most important thing is comfort and even more important it is to be at ease. I don't have the classical body of a dancer, as you have alreday noticed, so I need to wear something large on hips to be at ease
Dance classes are always in front of a mirror and in order to learn and to be focused on what we are doing, there is the need not to be concerned about our bottom!

La cosa più importante è il confort e ancora di più lo è il sentirsi a proprio agio. Non ho il fisico  classico da danzatore, come forse avrete notato, quindi per me è importante indossare qualcosa di largo sui fianchi per essere a mio agio.

 These are some pictures I have taken during dance classes: take a look at how many different styles people have.

Queste sono alcune foto che ho fatto durante delle classi di danza: guardate quanti stili diversi le persone hanno

Stay at ease
Stay with the rhythm
Stay Stylish!


As I told on one of my previous post, for this fall I'm all for dark colour lipsticks. So why shouldn't dare a little bit more with black lipsticks?

Come ho scritto precedentemente per questo inverno ho deciso di optare per colori scuri sulle labbra. Quindi perchè non spingermi oltre e scegliere anche il nero?

 YSL from 2008

Mac's glimmerglass from 2009

Mac from 2009

The only one I managed to buy this year is the YSl one. It's a gloss, so it's easy to blend it on lips, and it gives just a shade of black. I like it but I don't want to turn into something gothic, so I padded with a napkin.

L'unico che sono riuscita a procurarmi quest'anno è quello di YSL. E' un gloss, quindi è facile sfumarlo sulle labbra e dà solo un'ombra di nero. Mi piace ma non voglio che risulti troppo gotico, quindi l'ho tamponato con un fazzoletto.

Stay black
Stay daring
Stay Stylish!