Empty rooms, white and grey, filled with air and wind. No objects are welcome.
I need space for my thoughts.
I need my thoughts to breath.
Thanks to Rodarte's set and collection for the ispiration.


I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. (EmmaGoodman)

When I feel blue, lonely, grey and unlucky, I go
to the marketplace (never in a flower shop though) and I buy bunch of flowers. I love them all, some more than others...small roses, japanese carnations, lilacs, hydrangeas, all kinds of bulbs, lilies of the valley... in an explosion of life.
We, as flowers, are delicate and fragile, intricates but yet full of life, and shades and shapes.

I'd rather have roses in my hair than diamonds on my neck. (Sara C.)
why not both??


Stay full of life
Stay wearing flowers
Stay Stylish


Prologue: I know I'm so 2010, but it's not my fault if I started falling in love with Project Runaway just few months ago...maybe I didn't like it before for Heidi's tiresome little voice. Still I think her voice is annoying, but some designers can really "do" fashion! So it's totally worth it watching it.
Mondo in Italian means world, and I think Mondo's fashion mondo gorgeous, outrageous, full of life, original. I love his way of representing his reality through his dresses, for sure not for everyone, and that's why I love him even more. So metropolitan, but with a hint of countryside, so out of schemes but still classy.

Don't you think that also the hair and makeup are ideas to steal? Can't wait to comb my hair with pompons, ribbons and flowers.

Have a nice day!


"Are you kidding me? A kiss on the lips??"
Not even an option. I just wore my best lipstick. It took me fifteen minutes to put it on without smudges, to clean my teeth, to apply the lip pencil. And to look fabulous.
"yes, but aren't you looking fabulous 'cause we are going out and you want to make a pass at me?"

(maybe next time I won't bother to spend a lot of money in lipstick and I'll rather have some chopstick)


These are among my favourite products for the lips

Stay kissing
Stay fabulous
Stay Stylish!



Does it happen to you as well not being able to define your own style?
Sometimes I do feel like Victor/Victoria: my double personality is always ready to get involved when I have to pick an outfit.
Some days I feel so much mademoiselle, that I can't barely stand the view of a pair of jeans, the next day I feel such a tomboy...
Should I be worried to suffer of bipolarity or it's something proper of a girl to much involved into fashion?
I hope the second option, I wouldn't have to start assuming psych drugs. Way too young...and not that much involved into the fashion world!

Top:Stefanel/Skirt:my creation/belt:H&M/bag:Chanel


Stay Mademoiselle
Stay Tomboy
Stay Stylish


One of the most glamorous and fun event in Italy during summer time is the Summer Jamboree held in Senigallia on the Adriatic sea. That's the Hottest Rockin' Holiday on Earth: all is about rockabilly, pin ups, the 40's and the 50's. There are a lot of vintage shops, dancing corners, concerts

When I scouted out, I wore one of my best outfit ( I thought so!) from the 40's and I knotted the cutest ribbon on my head...but it was nothing in comparison with the ladies there...

Next steps for me.
1. learning how to comb my hair that way (any idea?)
2. convincing my urban dance coreographer-husban to dance with me some jive (any idea?)

Stay rockabilly
Stay pin up
Stay Stylish!