He is among my favourites. He is a genious. He made fashion. He created for the most important women of the century. He is an artist. He has a vision. He is Valentino.

What I love about this collection is the fluidity, the nude colours, the delicate sheer, the romantic patterns, the small bows...
Once again Masoin Valentino has not disappointed us.


What I Sunday...I spent it cleaning the house and watching old movies...Oh my gosh I feel like an old maid...
So I guess I got to come up with some ideas not to look as such...
Mission accomplished?

jeans shirt/d&g
trousers/my sewer made them
jacket/too old, I can't remember
shoes/fausto santini
bag/i made it
special mention: lipstick/coco chanel marilyn

stay zen
stay as an old maidStay Stylish!


I'm waiting for Grace, one of my best friend ever...
 It's her birthday, but she doesn't feel like hanging around or having some party time...
So I cooked dinner for her.

Birthday cake?
No, just small pastafrolla baskets, made especially for Grace.
Since I don't eat anymore some ingredients such sugar, white flour, butter, I made this pastafrolla with  wheatmeat flour, soy oil and fructose.
I filled the basket with cream cheese and Greek yogurt sweetend with agave syrup, vanilla seeds and some almond petals.

    I cooked the empty baskets in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°

   Once they were ready I let them get colder, I filled them up with the cream and on the top fresh strawberries which are already sweet enough...healthy and so yummy

Everything tastes much better when it's made out of love, isn't it?

Happy Birthday sweetest Grace!


Blue eyes, baby's got blue eyes...

It's quite clear the colour of make up for this upcoming months will be blue in all its shades.
So let's get ready to feel blue...let's hope not too much though.
Do you know how many shades of blue exist? Baby blue, Tiffany blue, han blue, glaucous, iceberg, indigo, klein see them all, click here!

Which shade do you like the most?

Stay blue
Stay made up
Stay Stylish!


This week will be mainly dedicated to the new show I'm working on.
It will be about Marilyn...
The more I go deeper in her life, the more this frail and unique butterfly fascinates me.

"For life
It is rather a determination not to be overwhelmed

For work
The truth can only be recalled, never invented"
Marilyn Monroe

Two new blogs have been added to my daily readings:
black coffee crumbs

                           Happy Monday Everyone!


I think inspiration can come from everything, even from a wall. When my husband painted the love room's wall, which you have seen here, I was a little bit scheptical, but now military green and red are in my top five colours combination (I know I know: I'm sooo late about this!)

As every year,we are attending the dance gala. You can see what I have worn last year here.
This year I'm defenetly going wearing military green and red

top: zara
skirt: manila grace
shoes: pura lopez

Stay military green
Stay red
Stay Stylish!


The new frontier of make up?
Make up made with lights.

This can help since every magazine keeps telling us that real beauty is our light from within. If we feel we don't have any, we can always count on lights from without.


As the French would have it: chapeau to Castel Diaz pictures...
when fashion meets visual art.

Stay lit from within
Stay lit from without
Stay Stylish!


Yesterday we spent the whole day at the seaside, it was for work, but eventually we have been able to enjoy some see breeze.
Today is not a hard Monday  after all, thanks to spring everywhere, light shirts and longer days.


          happy Monday everyone!