Mansfield Park

Ok, I must say I love Jane Austen. Since forever I wish I was one of her character. When I played with Barbie, I (she) always was living in some Wherevershire, I(she) was a secret writer, I(she) was adopted by some uncle of mine of whom I(she)didn't even know  the existence.
And so my life kept going between a 5:00 o'clock tea, and a love story based on glancing at eachother.

Now that I do not play anymore with Barbie, still going again through the pages of Mansfield Park, I wonder: what would I wear if I could finally rent that apartment in there???
So here there are my choices:

Alberta Ferretti is the perfect stylist to represent the romantic look:

 Isn't this dress perfect for a breakfast in Mansfield Park? I can see already the cousin Maria getting so jealous...

Or what do you think of this Vera Wang canary dress for the perfect first meeting with Mr. Crawford?

And finally our heroine gets to merry the last person of the novel you would have thought about...but always perfect in a Alberta Ferretti wedding gawn

But even if we are in a park, we cannot go barefeet...
This kind of fat shoes (no high hills or wedges in Romantic times, otherwise how could you dance a minuet??) are simply perfect with the wedding gawn

Louboutin's love flat shoes...

It's not Mansfield Park's right mood not wearing something in your hair...
 white thread by Bottega Veneta

"And what about the make up?" Some perfectionist girls that want to be perfect in Mansfiel Park could ask. Well, this is my romantic palette of colours:
in detail:
Teint Innocente by Chanel (clear cameo, no.20)

Dior's 5-colour iridiscent eyeshadow (parisian lights, no.559)

YSL' eyeliner ( moire, no.7)

 Clarins' Wonder perfect mascara (brown, no. 2)


YSL's Touche blush (peach, no.2)

 Chanel's Rouge hydrabase (simply pink, no.148)

Ta-dah, our nowdays Fanny is ready to live a happy life in Mansfield Park. And we can just wish her an happily ever after!

Stay in Mansfield Park
Stay Romantic
Stay Stylish

you can find inspiration*

I just found this quote from my dear Sir Paul Smith

* and if you can't look again 
So in relation to my small spot, or so-called my blog I like to take the challenge to create looks inspired by things I relate myself with. I'm a books lover, as much as compulsive movies watcher, contemporary art obsessed person... yeah, I get it, I can be dangerous and I'm not a nice person, but apart from this, I want to try. I know I'm not discovering hot water, but still, I would do mine ideas' association now and then.
I will call it:  

But I'll try to get it from many more things, so it'll be more personal. And if I can't? Well I'll look again (and better).

Stay inspired
Stay stylish

Back at home

I'm back at home, and also to my blog...I missed it as much ad I missed reading yours.
I was in Rome for 10 days (I'm originally from there), and I got to say: Rome is always beautiful but during summer time eve more.
Anyway I wasn't able to write my blog, so in order to update it, here there are some recent outfits I wore.
Hope you like them.

On this one I try to translate into my personal style the "sail away" post I published few weeks ago.
 t-shirt: Moschino
skirt: vintage
necklace: Art Bia
sunglasses: vintage
hair accessory: made by myself
ArtBia is a very nice accessory shop in Perugia. The owner is a jewel maker from Brazil. All the items are her creation. This is one, which is one of my favourite, cause I love toys accessories, is made with huge plastic pearls and a huge rubber cow wearing a crystal necklace (I love the fantasy of it!!!)

The second one is very floral was perfect for a romantic summer night, eating on the terrace and then going for a walk having a icecream

Dress: H & M garden collection
shoes: Espadrilles
bag: Bershka
sunglasses: Zara
I decided not to wear any accessory because the dress is already kind of full, just some very thin golden ring hearings which I don't remember from where they come from.

An other night we went out for an open-air dance show
Skirt: Antoniacci made in Italy
 top: Benetton
foulard under it: Gucci
bag: Burkina Faso's bags
belt: vintage
shoes: Espadrilles

From Stylish-ville is all for now.
As my blog fellow Ady of Lookandthecity I would like to pubblish on my blog some outfits of yours (alone or with your girlfriends), since I know some of them are great, in order to present different styles, from different part of the world....the power of style must spread!!! ;)
You can send them (but please not just the dress, but you wearing the dress: you all are gorgeous) at It will be fun!

Stay on
Stay Stylish!

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Since I've been very fond of My Asho's online fashion concept, I started being in touch with them.

They gave me a special code for all the followers of Styleyou.Styleme.Styilish! in order to have 15% off.
If you are interested, you'll get from me this special promo code and then you can go and shop in all the  Clothing section.

Aren't they nice? I'm very happy since it's summer time and it's the perfect season to wear something from African designers, so colourful and unusual...time to dare a little bit more, isn't it?
So, let's not waste time, the code it's valid until the end of June: hurry up!!

How to get the code?

It's very simple:
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Some examples?



 Hurry up, there are 15 days left!
So, Have a nice shopping!!!

My Asho

In these World Cup crazy days (by the way tonight it's Italy's turn) everyone and every magazine is talking about Africa, and precisely South Africa. 
I've done a little research by myself and look what a wonderful  and fashion related website I have found:

Since I have visited it I keep returning because I'm simply in love with it.

But "WHAT IS MY ASHO? (this is taken from the website)
My Asho (derived from the Yoruba word “aso” meaning cloth and pronounced “ash-awe”) is an online fashion concept, developed in 2008 to celebrate and promote the talent of African designers based throughout the world. We aspire to become a one-stop-shop for the best in authentic African inspired designs.

We work closely with all our designers and stylists, choosing beautiful pieces from their collections to offer to a savvy fashion-forward international audience. In addition, we work with local markets throughout Africa to bring you distinctive, one-off pieces which you can check out daily in the
My Asho Market.

Most of the products on are ethically handcrafted and produced in limited quantities, which means our customers can always be assured to find high-quality, inspired boutique style pieces at very affordable prices.

 Here there are some items I'm in love with:

                                                                            Print Frock

                                                                      Christie Brown Ghana

Print SP Dress
Christie Brown Ghana
Print Shoulder Padded Dress by Christie Brown Ghana

                                                       Pocket Skirt  YouMeWe

Red Cocktail Dress
Jewel by Lisa

 Baby Burst Dress

I love the idea of mixing African prints with Couture cuts.

Some accessories:
Yinka Necklace
Bestow Elan

Sun Fire Wire Wrapped Ring by Afrique La Chique

Signature Bracelets by Ituen Basi

(all the pictures are taken from
Go and visit MyAsho, it's a great idea: bring global what it's local.
All this fashion is so colourful, so particular, so easy to wear mixing it up with all the clothes we have. It adds to our style some Africa bringing the sun!
Please, go and visit.
Let's all support this great initiative.
Stay colourful
Stay supportive
Stay Stylish!

Break your leg!

I never speak about my job, so I decided to post a post about it, and exactly about what I have been doing yesterday night.
Take 200 primary school kids, add 8 teachers with no ideas at all of what is theatre, mix all together with a Renaissance square in a Renaissance town, and then put all this into a show. Well, creating and directing (and surving) the show is what I have done yestarday night  (starting in April!).

 This is the square of Acquasparta (name of the town)
The work had just begun: here  the gaffers were setting the lights and microphones.

The story was based on the fairy tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Some of the set design:

 And here there are some of the  little "actors":
Some of the villagers

One of the 50 mice, dragged away by the Piper...

This was the end of the show. It is the only picture during the show I was able to take since I was (struggling) in here:
This was my position and during the show my duty was to give the right lights on stage and to put on the music, raise up and down the volume of the microphones and check that everything was going fine.

This is why it was the longest night!  Now I'm still tired, voice-less and left with a little sense of emptiness.
But after was fun!