One of the best memory of the time I spent in New York is that afternoon I ate a Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding on a bench in front of the Rockfeller Center.
That time I enjoyed life, and I thought that moment was perfect: kissed by the sun, observing people walking around me, New York in September and a amazing, never tasted Banana pudding.
Isn't life worth of living for small joys?

This is our  (Nicol and myself) attempt to make a banana pudding, following the Magnolia Bakery recipe.

We will have to make some changes, such as not using artificial custard and condensed milk but instead a home made custard and simple milk.
But we enjoyed so much making it, chatting and laughing, and dipping our spoons in it!
Another amazing memory is added. Perfect.

Stay enjoying life
Stay natural
Stay Stylish!


We enjoyed spring for few days and now we plunged back in grey and cold days.
But during those  few days some flowers on my terrace had the chance to blossom.
And today I had the chance to finally fix our extra room.
Well, till now, I can say it's a Happy Monday!

                                                                 love room

Have a nice week,


Not only spring brings will of change and rebirth, but also, for us girls a little bit too much into fashion and glamour, the will of daring.
Daring with what? Many things obviously, but concerning the topics of my blog: daring in style.
Usually during winter times I just can't bother all the strange colours for nails. But now, thanks to the blossom of the flowers around, the chiffon shirts, the sun, well I think they are adorable (and indispensable ;) )

 For now I bought the YSL. I love them. They are sold together, you can use them as french manicure or just one at a time.

Stay polished
Stay daring
Stay Stylish!


These past few days I had this song in my head all day long. Maybe it's for the melody, or for the exquisite lyrics, or maybe for both, but Blackbird from The Beatles is like a hymn to me and I find myself humming it in every moment of my day.
 I get lost in it, and in the mean time I recognize myself right where I am with my life in this period.

SET OF 66 vinyl wall decals:
from 3.5"wide x 2"high to 8.7"wide x 7"high.
 hand drawn with ink and other media like watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil. here
Hand silk screened art print with black ink on acid free paper - limited edition by David Brian Cuzick. here
Bloomin' Birds Series Scrabble Tile Pendant. here
Perch Bird Ring. here
set of 2 French inspired pillows. here


Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to be free


Last night I have done all the fashion mistakes I had done in my adolescence, but sometimes a "girl" needs to be dragged back in her past.
I'm so lucky in all these years I've always found a dj to save me from myself.
Do we miss the 90's? Still got to figure this matter out.

White shirt collar, very high pony tail, huge sweater, clogs and leggings, banlges at random. I think I got them all.

shirt: sartorial silk shirt
sweater: zara
leggings: pinko
clogs: baxboo
bangles: at random

Stay dragged in the 90's
Stay mistaken
Stay Stylish!