I have been so not updated lately that I discovered what BB meant just few weeks ago. As I am so into old movies I honestly thought it was something about Brigitte Bardot. Then a very wise lady explained what BB meant nowadays...Blemish Balm. BB creams come straight from Asia: women there are used to use them since forever, and their skins glow! To be honest, I was very skeptical, but I gave them a shot, and ta dah...I like them a lot. Especially now, that it starts being warmer, I prefer not to wear any foundation. So this is my beauty ritual in the morning: 

rose water: to fresh and to give a tone to the skin (toner, in fact!) 
eye-cream: lately I am using Hur products 
day cream: Nuxe, Nuxe and only Nuxe 
BB cream: I am using Garnier, 10 Euros in supermarkets can buy you a fantastic product!

I got so curious I want to try them all!

Be happy and...glow!

4 commenti:

Unknown ha detto...

I bought the Garnier too!! What do you think of it?

xo Victoria (UWCAD 2nd year!)

Chezka Cenon Li ha detto...

Oh, BB cream works wonders in the summer! Truly! Especially tinted ones :) not to worry dear, I only found out a year ago, and I'm in Asia :)

Flight of Fancy Boutique ha detto...

Oooh, I am thinking of buying Garnier soon! X

Unknown ha detto...

Do you like it? I've been meaning to try one but my skin is so super sensitive. I can't even use "sensitive" moisturizers but have to resort to Aloe Vera gel!